Industry Insights

The PR benefits of developing and sharing case studies

Industry Insights

The PR benefits of developing and sharing case studies

Alongside press releases to promote new products or services and features to position businesses as thought-leaders, case studies are an essential PR tool to showcase achievements and illustrate exceptional work.

These real-life examples provide an in-depth look at how a product, service, or strategy has solved a problem or achieved success, making them a valuable asset in PR campaigns. But perhaps the best aspect of a good case study is that it is someone else talking about you – and it is therefore a third-party endorsement, or testimonial – which can enhance your reputation.

Over the years, Suzanne Howe Communications (SHC) has found that case studies create great PR. They tell an interesting story to make a point – and journalists loves them, and publish them. In fact, many journalists and editors specifically call for case studies when developing features.

Flexible content

Case studies add colour to an article through the inclusion of opinion and genuine examples of a products or services in action – and that’s why editors and journalists love them.

They provide truly flexible content, which can be repurposed across various platforms. We treat case studies as press releases which can be targeted at sector-specific media and these always gain great coverage. They gain national and often importantly, local coverage for both our clients and their customers in the case study. We also find that the general business media like to publish case studies. In addition, they are also excellent for selling-in as stand-alone features or for content for planned features.

But there’s more…

Case studies are ideal as blog posts and for use on social media channels – particularly Linkedin.

We recommend that our clients have a dedicated place for this kind of content on their websites, and case studies are also powerful when add to sales literature.

How do we develop case studies?

We generally recommend using a story-based structure, so that case studies can detail your process and your customer’s positive experiences. We interview your clients to gain a full understanding of why they chose to work with you and the range of benefits gained.

If possible, we like to also add in some facts and figures, so that we can develop a story that’s fully relatable and always convincing.

Why are case studies so important for PR?

  • Case studies build credibility
  • Case studies build reputation
  • Case studies build trust
  • Case studies enhance brand visibility
  • Case studies support thought-leadership
  • Case studies demonstrate success
  • Case studies enhance SEO and organic search visibility
  • Case studies help to generate leads

Targeted coverage

There are many recent examples of how SHC has helped clients to generate and disseminate case studies, which have resulted in excellent targeted coverage.

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