Campaign to raise awareness of the Knotty’s and NutriButter brands from Natural Selection Foods
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Campaign to raise awareness of the Knotty’s and NutriButter brands from Natural Selection Foods

The Background

SHC was asked to develop a consumer and trade PR campaign to raise awareness of the Knotty’s and Nutri Butter brands from Natural Selection Foods. At the time of the brief, the Nutri Butter brand was listed in Holland and Barrett.

The Objectives

The objectives were to raise awareness for both brands.

The Strategy

Our approach was to develop different strategies for the Consumer and Trade media…


SHC created two media lists for the consumer press:

• The first, for the Knotty’s brand, covered the following areas: bloggers, Instagrammers, food magazines, local media, nationals, online nationals and retail

• The second list covered the health and fitness area for Nutri Butter, including: health and nutrition bloggers, health magazines, vegan and vegetarian and outdoor recreation magazines

SHC wrote two consumer releases – one for Knotty’s and one for Nutri Butter. The press releases were deployed and then followed up by the consumer team

Samples of product were also sent out to key contacts including journalists and bloggers to create more awareness of the brand.

SHC also targeted protein foods, nut butter, and industry reviews

SHC set up Response Source, monitored and actioned any responses that were a good fit for the Knotty’s or Nutri Butter brands. The SHC team looked for opportunities with predominantly TV and radio, print media, bloggers and events

Response Source helped build new contacts with journalists, freelancers and bloggers, generated coverage and numerous opportunities.


SHC created a targeted media list of key contacts within the trade media. This included: foodservice and catering, retail and grocery

One joint press release was written with information about Knotty’s and Nutri Butter. The press release was deployed and the team followed up

SHC researched key feature opportunities across top tier magazines such as The Grocer, Grocery Trader and Food Manufacture and submitted feature content.

The Results

The consumer campaign secured over 30 pieces of coverage, with 118 brand mentions – reaching a total audience of over 3 million

The story appeared in 6 consumer magazines and one natural consumer magazine; on 58 business websites and was featured in 6 blogs

Reader engagement via six pieces of social media coverage reached an audience of close to 28,000 – with 82 shares on Twitter, 82 pins on Pinterest, 144 reactions on Facebook, and 27 likes on Instagram.

The trade campaign achieved 8 pieces of coverage, with 33 brand mentions – reaching a total audience of 81,500

The story appeared in three business magazines and on five relevant business websites.

Suzanne and her team have taken our Nut butter brands Knotty’s and Nutri Butter to another level by bringing numerous media and event opportunities to our attention – Woman’s Health, Good House Keeping, Daily Mail and more. The team would jump in to help with time sensitive writing needs and always provide the appropriate guidance to best position the company’s brand in any situation. The team is professional, dedicated and understand our needs. I would highly recommend this PR company to you.

Fatma Akalin-McGee | Managing Director | Natural Selection Foods