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Want to reach the European media?

Industry Insights

Want to reach the European media? We can help with that, thanks to new affiliate network

If the global Coronavirus pandemic has taught us anything it is that the world remains a small place. Wherever we happen to be in the world, we have more in common than we might have previously thought.

Of course, Brexit – and the ending of the transition period which saw the UK officially sever ties with Europe at the end of 2020 – might give the illusion of detachment here in the UK. But the reality is, the world is more connected than ever. The global challenges we face – from ocean plastic waste and climate change to obesity, hygiene and getting debilitating viruses under control – will not be solved by any one nation, or any one company or individual. We’re all in this together.

It is a sentiment echoed by our news that we are now offering customers expanded coverage of their products and services across Europe.

We’ve been working behind the scenes here at SHC to develop a trusted network of affiliate organisations that can support us in giving our B2B clients better reach on the Continent. We work with some of the most innovative and ambitious companies in the packaging, facilities management, food and drink, and sustainable products sectors – many of which are keen to extend their ability to create positive impact beyond the UK.

So, we’ve joined forces with four European affiliates in Germany, Poland, France and Italy. All of our partners are specialist agencies that share our excitement and passion for delivering results-driven PR campaigns.

Not only will this European expansion improve our customers’ PR and communications performance. But working with affiliates will allow us to confidently and effectively track and monitor any media coverage that is achieved.

And that’s something we struggled to do previously. Yes, we have secured plenty of European coverage for our clients in the last few years. But it’s always been tough reporting back on the numbers, and what impact that coverage is having.

So, we’re delighted with our new partnerships – relationships that will help to give us the monitoring and tracking of PR performance we need, and our customers the PR results they deserve.

As we head into 2021, we’re excited to bring Europe closer to home and we’re committed to supporting our clients in new and interesting ways, whenever and wherever we can.