SHC Life

Proud of our clients and of our success

SHC Life

Proud of our clients and of our success

Since Suzanne Howe Communications began, over 25 years ago, we have had literally dozens of clients, but we are always pleased to say that many of them retain our services year on year. Having a long-term relationship with them enables us to deliver better results and we are proud to say that we have been supporting Kimberly-Clark Professional since 2008, Cleanology since 2016, Dina Foods since 2018, and Celebration Packaging since 2019.

We are into our third or fourth year with many others, and at the start of an exciting journey with several ‘new’ clients, who already feel like old friends.

We are proud to see all of them succeed in their specific industries during what many will acknowledge as being testing times. We are also proud to be chosen to support them through achieving great coverage in the relevant trade media.

People often ask: “Why work with SHC?”. The answers are simple: we are experts in our chosen fields and through great media relations, we achieve exceptional results. We’ve been celebrating this ongoing success a lot recently, and have decided to shout about it!

Cleanology – a full year’s coverage

SHC has been Cleanology’s PR partner since 2016. The company’s PR presence has been phenomenal over the past 12 months, taking a huge share of voice in the cleaning and FM industry.

We recently released a showreel on YouTube, showing that we secured 244 pieces of coverage in one year, reaching an audience of over 3.9 million people, with over 1,700 brand mentions. 52 pieces of coverage in print equated to one every week, while we secured an additional 192 pieces of coverage online.

CEO and co-founder Dominic Ponniah said: “There was so much coverage, it made my head spin!”

Sabert’s Snap2Go sustainable packaging launch campaign

Sabert chose SHC to help it launch its innovative Snap2Go packaging in the UK and Germany. We secured 60 pieces of coverage, reaching an audience of over 185,000, with over 800 brand mentions. We have subsequently gained feature coverage in Café Life and Sandwich & Food to Go News magazines, and helped launch Snap2Go at the annual Lunch! event.

BioVate Hygienics Paper Bottle launch campaign

BioVate Hygienics chose SHC to launch its innovative zero-plastic, paper bottle to the media. The campaign resulted in 48 pieces of coverage, reaching 54,000 readers, with over 300 brand mention and over 50 reactions on Linkedin.

Celebration Packaging’s EnviroWare® sustainable bamboo fibre hot drink cups campaign

SHC has been Celebration Packaging’s PR partner for over four years. Celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2023, in June Celebration Packaging introduced a new range of double-wall hot drink cups made from sustainable bamboo fibre, under its long-established EnviroWare® brand. The initial press release received over 30 pieces of coverage, with over 150 brand mentions, reaching an audience of around 150,000.

Eight weeks after the first press release went out, Celebration Packaging announced that its Bamboo fibre hot drink cups had received a class-A 100% recyclability rating from PaperCycle. A release focusing on this new information received a further 25 pieces of coverage, with over 140 brand mentions, reaching an audience of over 90,000.

Collectively, the campaign achieved coverage in 55 separate relevant media outlets, with close to 300 brand mentions and reaching a total audience of over 240,000.

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