CLARITY-The Soap Co.


New Client – CLARITY-The Soap Co.

This week we’re proud to welcome the newest addition to our client list, CLARITY-The Soap Co. An incredible charity that has a no compromise approach to combining its social enterprise ethos and environmentally friendly, high quality products, CLARITY-The Soap Co. is one of the most unique and inspiring organisations we’ve had the pleasure to work with.

To give you an idea of just how innovative the charity is, we thought we’d take this opportunity to give you a rundown of CLARITY-The Soap Co.’s many impressive achievements.

Who is CLARITY-The Soap Co?

Founded in 1854, CLARITY-The Soap Co. is a dynamic and forward-thinking charity that offers meaningful work to blind, partially sighted and otherwise disadvantaged people. The charity trains, employs and supports a team of skilled workers with disabilities in creating high quality soaps, toiletries and cleaning products. The charity doesn’t fundraise or ask for donations, instead it simply produces outstanding brands and product ranges that are purchased by people and businesses around the world.

Social enterprise

Although CLARITY-The Soap Co. started out supporting people with visual impairments, the charity has now expanded to offer employment to people with a variety of disabilities and challenges. 

In November 2017, CLARITY–The Soap Co. was ‘highly commended’ for the second year running in the prestigious, One to Watch award category at the 2017 Social Enterprise UK Awards. The award is given,For a social enterprise that can clearly articulate their future vision and how they are going to achieve it.’

CLARITY–The Soap Co. was also shortlisted in the Consumer Facing Social Enterprise category,For a social enterprise that produced or delivers a retail product or service to the general public.’

This recognition is a result of the charity’s amazing achievements in supporting those with disabilities and in creating a range of products that both do good and that are good.

Environmental responsibility

As well as helping to support hard working people with disabilities, CLARITY-The Soap Co. also endeavours to ensure that it’s kind on the environment. Many of the ingredients that go into making CLARITY-The Soap Co.’s products are eco-friendly and ethically sourced.

CLARITY-The Soap Co. recently won a PwC Social Entrepreneurs Club Award at the annual PwC’s Building Public Trust Awards in its Environmental Impact Category.

The organisation has also made a real commitment to reducing carbon emissions, something that was recently recognised when it was awarded the prestigious The Planet Mark™. This award was made in response to CLARITY-The Soap Co.’s commitment to reducing its carbon emissions by 5% over the next 12 months. No easy feat, this will be accomplished by streamlining soap manufacturing processes and keeping wastage to a minimum.

Global appeal

One of the key aspects of CLARITY-The Soap Co.’s success is the quality of the products it produces. Its liquid soaps are so good that Johnson & Johnson has introduced CLARITY hand wash to all staff washrooms across its Pinewood office in Wokingham.

The organisation has also launched a new collection of luxury eco and bee-friendly hand and body products and cold processed soaps. Released under the name The Soap Co. these outstanding luxury products are made using eco-certified, organic or plant derived ingredients, giving customers some truly wonderful soap to enjoy.

We have been able to achieve some really strong coverage in the media over the course of the last six months as CLARITY-The Soap Co has launched new collections and told its story. The organisation is poised to make fantastic progress in 2018 and we hope to be there to support and promote its inspiring journey.

If you’d like to find out more about CLARITY-The Soap Co and the incredible work they do, explore our site or get in touch with a member of our team.