Guests of SHC

Introducing Broccoli – the integrated marketing agency that’s good for you!

Guests of SHC

Introducing Broccoli – the integrated marketing agency that’s good for you!

Suzanne and Elese have worked together a number of times over the last ten years as PR and promotional marketing work hand in hand. SHC is delighted to introduce you to Elese Fisher from Broccoli Marketing who has always been a pleasure to work with…

Broccoli was born in 2006 out of a desire to work with brands that we felt passionate about. We wanted to work with ethical businesses, those that have products that are good for people, good for the planet and crucially, that we feel good about working with.

Broccoli started out predominantly as a promotional marketing and sampling agency but over the years has diversified in response to our clients’ needs. We’ve become skilled at media planning and buying, especially on a hyper localised basis and due to the nature of the brands that we work with, we’re experts at making small budgets go a long way. We work directly with media owners and are not tied into bulk discount contracts so our clients can be sure that all their budget is going towards the right media for their brands without any intermediaries involved.

With a broad range of experience coming from both client and agency backgrounds, the team at Broccoli is fortunate to have worked on hundreds of projects that for us make up the good life, be it sampling a really good coffee at a festival to riding our e-cargo bike around London sampling delicious energy bars or taking a large group of prize winners on a once-in-a-lifetime retreat in France.

One day we’re planning media campaigns for the launch of a new leisure centre covering all types of media from radio and outdoor to local press and magazines. The next we’re working on the planning and organization involved with Parmigiano Reggiano attending events in the UK, to help encourage UK consumers to consume this delicious cheese in other ways than simply grated on their pasta! From stand design and build to staffing and event logistics, the team at Broccoli manage the whole project, drawing in support from specialists and experts along the way.

We’re always looking for ways to maximise exposure for our clients’ brands. When we’re sampling products on the streets of major cities, we’ll always recommend placing outdoor media in highly targeted locations prior to the sampling taking place so the brand is already in the minds of consumers before they are offered it to try. When we’re placing paid-for ads in magazines and on websites, we’ll do everything we can to also obtain free editorial space or competitions. We also seek to find ways that our clients can work together, in turn benefiting all concerned.

We’re passionate about what we do and always aim to be outstanding, both in the work that we produce and the service we offer our clients. We’re down to earth and fanatical about the detail. When you work with Broccoli, you’re not bombarded with buzzwords and flannel. We offer fresh ideas and watertight project management.

We’re also at the end of the phone if on some days you just fancy a natter!

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