Industry Insights

Celebrating and communicating sustainability goals

Industry Insights

Celebrating and communicating sustainability goals

We serve some fascinating businesses in dynamic industries in the UK and we’re proud to support them in communicating their successes and celebrating their achievements. But it is my view that one particular aspect deserves a closer look, and that’s sustainability.

There is no doubt that all companies are either already, or soon will be, assessed and measured by their customers and end-users according to their environmental and social sustainability credentials, plus their future goals and commitments. Are you making the most of what you have already achieved and are you adequately communicating your future plans and intentions?

Buyers and consumers are increasingly influenced by environmental and social responsibility factors and expect or even demand relevant compliance. While reporting sustainability achievements and goals can bring measurable benefits in relationships with customers – and even unlock new business – doing so can also enhance team building and improve morale across suppliers and staff.

To quote from the UN Global Compact: “Reporting to stakeholders in a transparent and public manner is fundamental for companies committed to sustainability.”

Alongside the increasing need for monitoring, measuring and reporting responsible behaviour, many companies are achieving and evidencing improvement through innovation, which provides inspiring and interesting stories from a PR point of view.

Obvious ‘big wins’ around energy or raw material usage reduction will grab buyers’ attention, but so will smaller initiatives, such as communicating recycling information on packaging.

For many, we find that their existing successes and future goals put them firmly into a ‘thought-leadership’ position in environmental and social responsibility, enhancing their existing core business reputation.

Wherever you are on your green journey and however you already share your achievements, SHC can ensure that you are seen as a forward thinking and entirely responsible business.

Our method is straightforward. We have identified over 20 issues and goals which can form the part of any sustainability communication programme. We begin with a questionnaire to senior management to ensure we include the topics which are most relevant to your business and your customers. We then work with you to develop a plan to measure current successes and set achievable future goals, while simultaneously carrying out competitor and compliance audits.

Then we work with you to ensure the most relevant audience hears your good news, creating anything from a full Sustainability Report or Review, through dedicated pages on your website, to statements on individual achievements via social media, or a full multi-media PR campaign.

Talk to us if you want to celebrate and communicate your sustainability achievements and goals. You will be pleasantly surprised about the benefits it will bring to your business.

Written by
Bill Bruce
Senior consultant at Suzanne Howe Communications