Best Minds Think Alike!


Best Minds Think Alike!

Proud to be a thought leader within our sector, it’s not unusual for us to be asked our opinion by both businesses new to cleaning and organisations established within the industry. In order to pass on some of our expertise, and help raise standards within the sector, our MD, Suzanne Howe recently gave an interview to Best Minds, a marketing company that works specifically with the cleaning industry. In the interview Suzanne talked about many of the key challenges facing businesses operating in the sector and discussed the best ways to overcome these challenges and build a successful company.


Suzanne began by talking about the importance of photography and imagery in marketing. All too often, companies cut corners when it comes to photos, using substandard images to promote their products and services, and illustrate their website. However, as photos tell customers a huge amount about the quality, personality and ambition of a business, it’s crucial to invest in professional images and to use them creatively throughout your online and offline marketing materials.

Marketing Vs advertising

During the interview, Suzanne also spoke about the importance of marketing and strategy in business. She discussed the importance of backing up advertising campaigns with marketing and how a comprehensive strategy can help a business to achieve its potential. Suzanne also talked about how companies can position themselves as thought leaders within the industry, giving them a higher profile and helping to build trust between the company and its customers.


Another key point that Suzanne made when talking to Best Minds is the importance of having a well thought out and comprehensive marketing strategy. By planning exactly how to use social media, blogs, exhibitions, events and advertising, companies can boost the impact of marketing campaigns and get more back from their investment. This comprehensive approach can be adapted to suit specific campaigns and specific brands.


Best Minds also asked Suzanne about the challenges companies within the cleaning industry will face in the future. Though this is a broad and open-ended question, Suzanne did identify the importance of standing out in an increasingly crowded marketplace and how networking and maintaining a digital presence can help. She discussed the benefits of getting to know thought leaders within your sector and networking with editors and other companies that influence ideas and trends in your industry. Suzanne also pointed out how networking with businesses in your target industry, as well as your own industry, can help your business to grow.

As well as these important points, Suzanne discussed a range of other relevant topics including vlogging and CRMs. Check out Best Minds for the full interview or get in touch to learn more about marketing and the cleaning industry.