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Sabert launches foodservice products made from 100% rPET

Sabert launches foodservice products made from 100% rPET

Global food packaging manufacturer Sabert has succeeded in achieving its goal of producing an improved range of foodservice packaging products that are now made from 100% recycled PET (rPET).

“We are so pleased to have achieved our aim of closing the loop and using no more virgin PET,” said Sabert Marketing and Innovation Manager, Gisèle Nonnweiler.

“Sabert began producing some products which included rPET before 2016, but in January that year took our whole range to a guaranteed minimum of 50% rPET content,” said Gisèle. “During 2018, we increased this percentage to a minimum of 70% and since September this year, we are now producing products featuring 100% rPET content.”

With more than 30 years in the packaging and foodservice industry, Sabert is specialised in manufacturing and marketing innovative food packaging, disposable high-quality tableware and compostable food packaging and tableware. Sabert has implemented a number of measures which demonstrate its deep commitment to protecting the environment. Recycling of 100% of production waste, the use of green energy and investments in production tools that use less energy, optimisation of stacking to increase storage and transport space and much more. But it is the emphasis on developing increasingly sustainable packaging for the food industry for which Sabert is best known.

“Sabert has built on its commitment to quality by continuously investing in sustainable innovation to answer consumer demand for packaging solutions that are safe, made from 100% recycled material and are recyclable,” said Gisèle. “Sabert’s clear Chilled Solutions salad bowls and all of the clear lids available across our entire product range are now made from 100% recycled PET bottles. This represents another milestone in Sabert’s journey towards sustainability and commitment to promote a circular economy.”

Sabert carefully selects recycled PET from a reliable supply and uses the best-established cutting-edge technology to guarantee total food safety and a high quality product with market-leading clarity. Meanwhile, 100% of Sabert’s internal waste is reused, which totally prevents plastic waste.

“Sabert’s clear rPET solutions are recyclable,” said Gisèle. “Plastics have several lives and PET is the most recycled plastic. Recycled plastics are used to manufacture a wide variety of new products. Sabert encourages all the plastic users to recycle and to help to close the loop toward a circular economy.  These new high-clarity rPET products deliver on our promise to make food look great!”

Visitors to stand E33 at Lunch! – at ExCel London, from 19-20 September – will meet Sabert and see its new range of 100% rPET food packaging products.

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