Telling Cleanology’s ever-evolving sustainability story
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Telling Cleanology’s ever-evolving sustainability story

The Background

For many years, Suzanne Howe Communications (SHC) has helped leading London-based commercial and office cleaning company Cleanology to tell its wide-ranging and ever-evolving sustainability story.

The journey begins in 2016, with Cleanology’s entry into the market with Europe’s first pre-portioned biotechnology sachet solution, before moving on to using uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles, a fleet of electric vehicles, support for The Hygiene Bank, and commitment to fair pay with the Living Wage Foundation.

The Objectives

As a long-term PR partner of Cleanology, SHC is tasked with achieving targeted and high-quality media coverage for a range of announcements and stories highlighting Cleanology’s sustainability journey.

Key goals and achievements that SHC has communicated to the media have been:

The Strategy

A key part of the media strategy is to target trade magazines and online portals that focus on the cleaning and FM sectors.

Another key part of the strategy was choosing dynamic and interesting press images, wherever possible showing the company logo, branding and website address.

The Results

Over the past two years, SHC has secured nearly 100 pieces of coverage, with over 680 brand mentions – reaching an audience of over 390,000.

“Sustainability and environmental social governance (ESG) are key pillars of Cleanology’s long-term strategy and Suzanne Howe Communications has played a pivotal role in communicating each step of our ever-evolving story. We have been thrilled to see such a wide-ranging and extensive list of media titles telling our story over the past seven years.”

Cleanology CEO Dominic Ponniah