PortaBrands – Re-inventing bar and table service after Lockdown
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PortaBrands – Re-inventing bar and table service after Lockdown

The Background

As venues begin to consider re-opening, Tri-Star Packaging’s Porta solutions assist in multi-drink serving under social distancing guidelines. PortaTray, PortaDrink, PortaCarrier, PortaPint and PortaClick enable the easy carrying of multiple hot and cold beverages – where an individual can collect drinks for small groups of people at outdoor events, including: Pubs with gardens; Parks and garden centres; Open air cinemas; Airports and travel hubs.

The Objectives

For the PortaBrands promotion, Tri-Star Packaging approached its long term PR partner Suzanne Howe Communications with a brief to create a targeted campaign to promote the benefits and solutionsprovided by PortaBrands to a specific end-user audience.

PortaDrink, PortaTray, PortaCarrier, PortaPint and PortaClick are proven drinks carrying solutions. With pubs and other licensedpremises reopening on 4th July, the timing of the campaign was

The key objective was to promote key messages including:

• Branding and messaging opportunities
• Convenience
• Problem solving
• Safe
• Hygienic
• Environmentally-friendly, including FSC and recyclable

To improve sales.

The Strategy

To raise awareness of and the availability of Tri-Star Packaging’s Porta range to the outdoor events, stadium and outdoor catering markets by deploying a bespoke PR and ‘paid for editorial’ campaign together with online advertising and e-blasts, promoting a call to action via a landing page/website to ensure ROI via monitoring traffic and sales.

The campaign will include tried and tested marketing and PR techniques such as press releases, features, targeted e-blasts and e-newsletters with selected media.

The target audience would include:

• The media
• The outdoor events, stadium and outdoor catering market in general including major venues and sporting events
• Potential customers, from medium sized food service packaging manufacturers to large manufacturer/distributors
• Pubs and bars, major brewery chains
• Other industry influencers
• End users

SHC maintains a bespoke media list across key sectors:

A press release was sent to the following media with a budget for ‘colour separations’ agreed: Morning Advertiser; Sports Venue Business; Open Air Business; Football & Stadium Management; BIGHospitality; Caterer Licensee Hotelier; The Main Event; Stand Out magazine; Pub & Bar magazine; Sports & Leisure Catering; Garden Centre Catering; Out of Home magazine

In addition, a trackable banner advertising and e-newsletter campaign was devised, securing key positions with:

• Morning Advertiser
• BIG Hospitality
• Caterer Licensee Hotelier

Other web-banner positions were secured with:

• Football & Stadium Management
• Open Air Business

The Results

The campaign ran from 24th June and the story was still receiving coverage at the start of September.

The trackable banner advertising and e-newsletter campaign with: The Morning Advertiser; BIG Hospitality; and Caterer Licensee Hotelier – supported by web-banners on: Football & Stadium Management; and Open Air Business – resulted in a total of 59,573 impressions.

The PortaBrands story appeared in: The Caterer; Caterer Licensee & Hotelier; Open Air Business; Warm Welcome Magazine; and Eat.Drink.Sleep – achieving a circulation of 148,496.

The PortaBrands story appeared on: packagingnews.co.uk; sportsvenuebusiness.com; alsdinternational.com; onboardhospitality.com; catererlicensee.com; fsm-online.co.uk; hospitalityandcateringnews.com; thecaterer.com;standoutmagazine.co.uk – with total unique monthly views of 351,664.

View some of the coverage here

On being on the Football & Stadium Management website:
“We have hit the big time! This is the most satisfying of the lot. Thank you!”

Alex Noake | Managing Director | Tri-Star Packaging