Burger & Lobster partners with Sybron bringing cost, operational and sustainable efficiencies
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Burger & Lobster partners with Sybron bringing cost, operational and sustainable efficiencies

The Background

The idea behind Burger & Lobster is to focus on two main ingredients, perfecting them to the absolute best they can without other distractions. Today, Burger & Lobster has nine restaurants in London, two in both Singapore and New York plus five franchise sites across Europe. Plans to open sites in Europe and Asia are also in play.

“Simplicity is at the core of Burger & Lobster,” explains Dino Sura, Managing Director of Burger & Lobster. “Simplicity with respect to quality food and service. To do this we need partners who don’t have issues but who run like clockwork and are honest and transparent.”

Finding the right partner  

Following a supplier review, Burger & Lobster began working with Hygiene Service Partner Sybron in September 2020. “When reviewing our suppliers we wanted to improve the quality of the cleaning products, but the service and price were key factors. The environmental aspect of Sybron’s products was a huge benefit and the other aspect was ‘are we saving money?’ – which we are!,” adds Dino.

“But, it was the humbleness from Sybron that we especially liked and their ethical and sustainability ethos. They are a family-operated company like we are, and although we might not be related, we feel we are connected. Sybron shares a philosophy with Burger & Lobster that ensures all the team feel a part of the company, and that alignment was key for us.”

Beyond the normal standard practice

“Sybron is the only supplier to tell us that prices have gone down,” continues Dino. “Normally, when I get emails from suppliers it is nothing but price increases – that feels like it is standard industry practice. But not in the case of Sybron. So much so that I had to share one of their monthly updates on social media which informed us of price decreases and further reductions to be passed on to us, the customer.”

George Mason from Sybron adds: “The positive feedback we’ve received about our monthly industry updates reassures us that we are doing right by our customers. As our market shows signs of stability, our team is working extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure that falling prices are passed on – something I believe contributes to the long-lasting partnerships we build with our customers. This is a very challenging time for the hospitality industry and I’m pleased we’re able to help where we can and hopefully set an example for others to follow.”

Innovation for sustainability and efficiency 

Sybron provides cleaning and hygiene products to the nine London restaurants including its innovative SyBio range which replaces harmful, non-renewable chemicals with adaptive technology that cleans, disinfects and protects surfaces. All the restaurants also recently began using Sybron’s new SySoft bamboo toilet tissue following a trial at the Soho venue.

The Objectives

The objective was to develop a case study focusing on how a transparent approach builds growth, and to provide an opportunity for the Burger & Lobster team to explain how its partnership with Sybron has completely removed any issues and ‘distractions’ with their cleaning and hygiene requirements.

The Service and The Team

Commenting on how the successful partnership works, Dino explains: “This partnership slots directly into the two aspects that are top of our CEO’s agenda: the service and the team. Simply put, if we look after our team then everything else will flow through. We empower our teams to make their own decisions but we need to ensure we give them the right suppliers to help. Sybron really helps us to deliver our own agenda by looking after our team and we cannot fault their pro-active approach particularly with problem solving.

Celebrating a true partnership

“Sybron is a partner who really puts themselves out there by communicating directly with the general managers and head chefs of each restaurant.

“By building these relationships, Sybron is now so in tune with each restaurant’s service requirements and calendar of events and keeps us up to date with any product changes, changes in order dates and prices and planning around events and holidays.

“Our partners are very central to our growth plans,” Dino concludes. “Sybron has embedded themselves right into the heart of Burger & Lobster and we are completely confident in their partnership, transparency and support as we move forward to our next milestones.”

The Strategy

SHC wrote a case study focusing on the ethical and sustainable partnership between Burger & Lobster and Sybron, which it then successfully pitched to relevant business to business trade media, as well as local and regional media.

The Results

From November 2023 to January 2024, SHC secured 14 pieces of coverage, reaching an audience of 18,500, with 330 brand mentions.

The case study appeared on relevant business to business media sites including: FM Industry; Catering Insight; Food Voices; Premier Hospitality; News by Wire; and Industry Today.

The story was also featured on local and regional media: Essex TV; Your Harlow; LDN Connected; London Loves Business; South East Online; and thelondon.news.

We were delighted that the story about our successful partnership with Burger & Lobster reached such a large audience. SHC has really helped Sybron reinforce our fresh and different approach, at what is a difficult time for the hospitality industry.

Sybron Sales and Marketing Director, George Mason