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WhiffAway at The Facilities Show – Add value to the washroom experience with AVELENA Clean & Care

WhiffAway at The Facilities Show – Add value to the washroom experience with AVELENA Clean & Care

WhiffAway Group’s technologies and products enhance the washroom experience for hundreds of thousands of people every day. At The Facilities Show, the company is taking this a stage further and launching a new and exciting personal care product range.

Visitors to stand number FM5846 at The Facilities Show – at London’s ExCel from 18th to 20th June 2019 – will have the opportunity to sample WhiffAway’s new AVELENA Clean & Care range.

“Avelena has been created to clean and care for your hair and body all in one go,” said WhiffAway head of finance and marketing Georgina McLean. “The commercial washroom space is one where expectations have become higher and the washroom experience can make or break a business.

“Our unique alcohol-free ‘Clean & Care’ Avelena range has been created to combine luxurious products which include sanitising properties, for use on hair and skin. The easy-to-use Avelena range is ideal for any washroom environment, and particularly suitable in high-traffic and transportation locations.

“Visit our stand at The Facilities Show to try out samples of this exciting new range of personal care products – and add value to your washroom experience today.”

The AVELENA ‘Clean & Care’ range includes:

  • Avelena Foaming Dry Shampoo – a luxurious Anti-Bacterial foaming Dry Shampoo which cleans and freshens your hair. Avelena Dry Shampoo foam detangles, eliminates odours, and excess oil, with a single pump.
  • Avelena Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash – a luxurious Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash which hydrates, while cleansing and freshening your skin.
  • Avelena Anti-Bacterial Moisturising Hand Cleanser & Sanitiser – a luxurious non-alcoholic Hand Sanitiser which cleans up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria while freshening your skin, all in one go.
  • Avelena AntiBacterial Hand Moisturiser – a luxurious Anti-Bacterial Hand Moisturiser which hydrates while cleansing and freshening your skin.

From waterless urinals to full connects smart washrooms
Well known as the market leader in waterless urinal technology, biological solutions and closed systems, the WhiffAway Group has also developed and installed the world’s first fully connected smart washroom technology.

Rising washroom standards and customer expectations have driven Facilities Managers to find more innovative ways of monitoring performance. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled service providers to collect data, track patterns and effectively manage resources to avoid run-to-breakdown scenarios.

Delivered as a turn-key solution, WhiffAway’s Smart Washroom uses IoT enabled sensors to collect data within the Smart Washroom. The application provides an interactive 3D washroom platform, while an easy to navigate user interface delivers data in a measurable way.

WhiffAway Smart Washrooms provide a scalable platform and delivery model which monitors usage patterns and generates reports, while helping to determine what drives the customer experience. Use of the data enables continuous improvements and drives efficiencies. WhiffAway’s Smart Portal captures real time data, providing a status of assets in the washroom and this is presented on a user-friendly dashboard which can be easily customised to present data in different formats and personalise alerts.

Sensor applications include: usage sensors – determining usage and ‘end-of-life’; wipe sensors – to monitor urinal cleaning patterns; tap sensors – to identify temperature and stagnant water conditions for Legionella control; air quality sensors which monitor relative humidity, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), C02 and temperature; and waste pipe sensors – to predetermine maintenance patterns and help avoid ‘run to breakdown’ scenarios.

All mechanically based systems require maintenance. WhiffAway’s smart platform system enables service providers to carry out routine maintenance when required – and real-time data helps identify problems before they occur, reducing expensive reactive callouts. Identifying traffic patterns enables engagement with designers to improve washroom formats and manage capacity.

“WhiffAway Smart Washrooms Platform delivers a wide range of benefits for Facilities Managers,” said CEO James McLean. “By collecting data in real-time, trends can be identified to prompt routine maintenance of delivery systems and the replenishment of consumables. This, in turn helps avoid unnecessary breakdowns and increases customer satisfaction. The future of washroom management is here.

“When it comes to waterless urinals, alongside the obvious benefits of odour elimination and significant water, energy and monetary saving, our fully recyclable solutions also eliminate flooding, improve hygiene and use no harmful chemicals. Supporting our world-class products, we provide a fully serviced solution for our customers which includes regular service visits – guaranteeing peace of mind.

“From waterless urinals to smart washrooms, we are looking forward to showcasing our range of washroom solutions at The Facilities Show. “

WhiffAway’s fully recyclable Waterless Urinal System removes the need for customers to change urinal fixtures to go waterless and results in significant savings in energy and water consumption – and money – as well as eliminating urinal odours.

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