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Tasty Goodness® all the way from Dina Foods

Tasty Goodness® all the way from Dina Foods

Mediterranean foods supplier Dina Foods is anticipating high demand for its latest range which is due to be launched.

A new Tasty Goodness® range trademarked by Dina Foods comprises of three flatbread varieties which offers a customer-pleasing combination of health, convenience and innovation.

The Tasty Goodness® range of breads will comprise three variants; seeded, sourdough, and plain mini flatbreads. All three of the breads are made using 50/50 wholemeal and white flour.

The seeded option will be baked with a variety of wholesome seeds, including sunflower, pumpkin, linseed and quinoa, offering a good source of vitamins for energy and vitality.

The sourdough option meanwhile is naturally fermented for easy digestion.  Made with bespoke equipment in the Dina Foods factory the seeded and sourdough variants will come in packs of six mini flatbreads.  Completing the line-up, is the Demi Pain, which is sold in a pack of eight pieces. The shelf life on all three breads will be 45 days.

Dina Foods Managing Director, Mr Suheil Haddad comments: “People want to include healthy options in their diet, but they want these to be enjoyable to eat. Our new Tasty Goodness® breads are perfect on the go for the active person, convenient for the family looking for a quick, healthy food choice and also appeal to those wanting to try something a little different in their diet.”

The latest launch joins an extensive and innovative range which includes a wide variety of Middle Eastern wraps, speciality breads, and ethnic breads as well as premium confectionery and savouries.

A best-seller is the trademarked two-layered Paninette® flatbread which has all the characteristics of a wrap, but opens like a pocket. Like all Dina breads, Paninette® is baked around the clock at Dina Foods’ bakery in London.

The latest new products follow a long tradition of exciting launches from Dina Foods, the company that launched the first flatbread in the UK two decades ago.

“Our privately-owned family business has been sharing its food to go expertise for 28 years and is constantly creating unique high-quality products with a twist,” says Mr Haddad.

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