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Green, brown and leakproof from FPA Manufacturer of the Year

Green, brown and leakproof from FPA Manufacturer of the Year

Amipak, the Foodservice Packaging Association’s Manufacturer of the Year 2019, is stressing the environmental credentials of its brown leakproof range.

“The Amipak brown leakproof range delivers excellent performance,” said Amipak Director of Communications and Sustainability, Daniel Schwitzer. “It features a water-based grease and moisture resistant coating and a unique webbed-corner construction to deliver its leakproof credentials. I recently served a piping hot, greasy oily curry straight from the microwave and after 30 minutes there wasn’t even a trace of any grease marks coming through.”

The range is ideal for quick service restaurants and fast food operations, as no assembly is required. It is versatile and can reduce SKUs, as the same product can be used for a starter, a main course and a dessert. The range is perfect for pasta, noodles, curry, salads, chips, desserts, cakes and other bakery items. “We have seen caterers put just about everything in them. Only needing to stock one product saves space, but also helps to reduce the amount of material going to waste streams,” said Daniel.

And talking about waste, the Amipak brown leakproof range can be recycled – unlike many apparently similar products. Some manufacturers use a compostable PLA lamination and claim that their products are recyclable, but that can only be achieved in specialist facilities.

“Amipak specialises in manufacturing environmentally friendly recyclable and compostable packaging from paper based products,” said Daniel. “We have always been proactive in identifying, testing and introducing alternative packaging materials. We began making the recyclable brown leakproof product in the UK about 10 years ago, and now the market is finally catching up with the need to make responsible decisions about the products they specify.”

The trees used to create this range are from responsibly managed sustainable forestry and are replaced faster than they are consumed. Also, making the product in the UK improves its carbon footprint when compared to similar products which are imported from Asia.

“The range is designed to fit into a business’ existing waste management system,” said Daniel. “Where they pulp, it fits; where they recycle other paper products, it fits; and where they are able to access and use a commercial composting facility, it also fits.

“Whether you are a contract caterer, or specialising in takeaway or home delivery markets, you cannot afford to underestimate the importance of making great tasting food look good. While the range is popular in universities, schools and hospitals, it is also ideal for food-to-go and street food. It delivers a slick and contemporary feel, adding value in every situation from casual dining, to festivals and events. The stylish plain brown presents a blank canvas for the low-cost addition of stickers or stamps for branding or other essential information.

“Our customers appreciate that this is a UK-made product which enhances their food presentation, while at the same time eliminating leaks and grease-marks. But more than that, they are increasingly demanding our brown leakproof range as it saves space and makes a positive contribution to their environmental sustainability story.”

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