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Europe’s largest polythene film recycler

Europe’s largest polythene film recycler

As Europe’s largest polythene film recycler, BPI Recycled Products is proud to be exhibiting at the Plastics Recycling Show (PRS) in Brussels on 22/23 March 2016.

BPI Recycled Products is perfectly placed to dispose of a wide range of polythene waste for businesses across Europe. Through a network of government approved sites, BPI Recycled Products has the scope and expertise to recycle up to 95,000 tonnes of polythene waste a year. As a leading processor, the company’s wide capabilities include LDPE and HDPE recycling – specifically polythene from industrial, distribution, packaging and agricultural waste sources.

BPI Recycled Products is part of the wider British Polythene Industries PLC Group (BPI) – a global producer of polythene film products, operating across diverse market sectors with manufacturing capacity in excess of 260,000 tonnes per annum.

The company’s considerable expertise, extensive infrastructure and sustained investment in new technology and innovation, enables BPI Recycled Products to turn waste material into second life products such as outdoor furniture, landscaping products, building films and the Green Sack™ range of refuse sacks.

Green Credentials

The company’s green credentials are impressive. For every tonne of polythene recycled (compared to using a tonne of virgin polythene) saves 1.8 tonnes of crude oil; reduces energy usage by two thirds; uses 90% less water; cuts sulphur dioxide emissions by 33%; reduces nitrous oxide emissions by 50% and prevents the release of 1.5 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

If you are looking for a reliable European partner to recycle your polythene waste, BPI Recycled Products can offer you competitive pricing, unrivalled technical support and prompt payment.

To find out more about BPI Recycled Products come and meet our experienced team at PRS 2016, Stand A38.

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